Read the movie description that appears below the movie player on the Bicycle Safety Topic Page. Then use the following prompts to encourage class discussion before, during, and after watching the movie.


Before the Movie


How do you stay safe on your bicycle?

Why do you think it’s important to wear a helmet when cycling?

During the Movie (Pause Points)


Stop at the following times in the movie and ask questions or prompt a discussion to keep students focused and to assess their understanding before moving on:


Timecode 1:28: What are three adjustments everyone should make before getting on a new or borrowed bike?

Timecode 2:03: Why is it important to wear bright colored clothing and to put reflectors on your bike?  

Timecode 2:21: What could be the result of a too loose bicycle helmet? What about one that’s too tight?

Timecode 3:04: What might be another danger of riding your bike between two parked cars?

Timecode 3:37: How can using hand signals keep you safe when riding a bike?


After the Movie


What can happen if you’re not alert when riding your bicycle?

What is something new you learned about bicycle safety from the movie?


*BrainPOP’s Discussion Questions and Prompts align to CCSS Speaking and Listening Standards.