Before the Movie:

What do you know about Benjamin Franklin? What is he famous for inventing? (Tap prior knowledge

What else is Franklin famous for aside from his inventions? (Make inferences/Predict


During the Movie (Pause Points):


Stop at the following times in the movie and ask questions or prompt a discussion to keep students focused and to assess their understanding before moving on:

Timecode 1:12: What do Franklin’s work experiences say about him as a young man? (Analyze character, Make inferences

Timecode 1:34: How might Franklin be remembered? (Draw conclusions

Timecode 2:06: What does Franklin’s work during the American Revolution say about his reputation amongst the other Founding Fathers? (Apply new knowledge; Make connections


After the Movie:


Look at the four related movies at the bottom of the page. Explain how each is connected to the Benjamin Franklin Topic. (Make connections

What does it mean when people say Franklin was ahead of his times? What character traits made him that way? (Analyze character traits

BrainPOP recommends reading the movie description that appears on the Benjamin Franklin Topic Page to your class or have students read independently. Then have them watch the movie once through without pausing. Then, watch it again as class, this time using the discussion prompts.

*BrainPOP’s Discussion Questions and Prompts align to CCSS Speaking and Listening Standards.