Collaborative Learning Tips:

Allow learners to work in pairs at a computer while playing the Battleship Numberline math game. Pairing learners of somewhat varying abilities together can be a good way to help them practice their communication and collaboration skills while reinforcing their knowledge of fractions.

Using Battleship Numberline for Homework:

Have learners play at home or wherever they can access a computer with Internet access. Give them a goal to reach (Ex: “Get at least 1160 on the Fractions level” or “Play the Decimals and Fractions levels at least twice.”).

Exploring Essential Questions:

Create a purpose for learning during game play by having students reflect on essential questions such as, How do number properties assist in computation? When is estimation more appropriate than finding an exact answer?

Monitoring Progress:

Each time students place a ship, they will receive feedback, such as “Miss! 81% accurate.” We recommend using this feedback to teach students to monitor their progress through percents. Demonstrate this by having students purposely get one wrong, then get one slightly closer, and so on, and facilitate a discussion about the percentages shown each time.