Label each section of the Pyramid Graphic Organizer with the target categories, placing them in increasing difficulty from bottom to top. At the start of the game, hide all the category names. You can do this with sticky notes on the board, or with the features of the interactive board. Reveal a new category with each new round. Divide the class into teams, either by rows or tables. There should be an even number of members on each team. If you have an odd number of students, then one student can help you keep score on the board. Students are partnered with the student next to them. Have them alternate: the first student is the clue-giver and the next student is the guesser. The guessers can not see the categories, so they must all be sitting with their backs to the board. As you reveal the first category, the first clue-givers on each team name all the words they can think of belonging to the category. They continue until the guessers guess the category. For example:
Clue giver:       “Ice cream, candy, cookies, cake, sugar.”
Guesser:         “Things that are sweet.”
Allot points as categories are guessed, and continue to reveal new categories. When one team finishes all of the categories, the game stops, and the winning team is the team that has earned the most points.