Teacher Account Setup

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Educators, get yourself up and running with a My BrainPOP teacher account. This handy stepguide will help you setup your My BrainPOP Account....

3 ways to Use the BrainPOP Curriculum Calendar

Posted by SM Bruner on

Bookmark our events page so you can easily see how BrainPOP can be used to support your teaching each month! Here are three useful ideas for using the curriculum calendar: 1) See which webinars fit...
Teacher Support Overview

Mission U.S.: A Cheyenne Odyssey – Teacher Support Overview

Posted by SM Bruner on

This teacher support overview video provides information on the BrainPOP materials that accompany the Mission U.S.: A Cheyenne Odyssey game. You'll learn about our lesson plan, teacher's guide, custom...

Citizen Science Game Teacher Support Resources

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BrainPOP offers a variety of lesson plans and other teacher support resources to help you use the Citizen Science game and assess what students have learned through game play. This short video provide...
Teacher Support and Assessment

Teacher Support Materials and Assessment with Quandary

Posted by SM Bruner on

This screencast outlines teacher support materials and assessment ideas for Quandary, one of the award winning English games on BrainPOP's GameUp....

Computer Programming Basics Lesson Plan: Tynker Games

Posted by SM Bruner on

In this computer programming basics lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 3-12, students use BrainPOP resources (including online coding games) to learn about programming....