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BrainPOP & Classroom Research

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Earlier this month, we introduced you to Elizabeth Eastman, June's featured Certified BrainPOP Educator. In her second post, Elizabeth shares how to best utilize BrainPOP and its features in the resea...

Conducting Research with Make-a-Map – A CBE Aha! Moment 8.19

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We’re excited to share our August CBE of the Month's Aha! Moment. We welcome back Julie Kuzma to share her reflection on past teaching practices and how BrainPOP has been used to improve upon them. Re...

Library Background Information for Teachers, Parents and Caregivers

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This page provides information to support educators and families in teaching K-3 students about libraries. It is designed to complement the Library topic page on BrainPOP Jr. Most children know th...

Classroom Activities: Library

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These classroom activities are designed to complement the Library topic on BrainPOP Jr. Trip to the Library If possible, take a trip to a university or local library with your class. Remember to r...

Visual Information is a Fundamental Element in Learning

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This case study, presented by The MirandaNet Fellowship, investigates whether the growing use of BrainPOP videos, gaming and quizzes enriches student learning and, if so, what can be done to improve t...
game-based learning

Research Shows the Power of Game-Based Learning

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Our GameUp partner, EdGe at TERC  is passionate about game-based learning! They're a team of designers, educators, and researchers working together to study how game-based learning can be measured and...
game based learning research

Participate in UCLA’s Game Based Learning Research Study

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Our friends from UCLA's CRESST are conducting a game based learning research study about building science and social emotional skills with "Go Vector Go" and "Spaceforce;" 2 games featured on BrainPOP...
Games and Educational Research

Games and Educational Research: A Match Made in Digital Heaven

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Guest blogger Myra Luna-Lucero, M.A., Ed.M. shares the relationship between games and educational research, and  her experience using GameUp games in that capacity. Myra is a third year doctoral stude...

Winter Holiday Research Project

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Sharon Gurel is an Instructional Designer, currently an M.A. Candidate in the DMDL program at New York University’s Steinhardt School. She is a mother of 2 girls.  Here's what she has to say about her...

Nobel Prize for Medicine Awarded for Discoveries in Cell Transportation!

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This morning, professors James Rothman, Randy Schekman, and Thomas C. Suedhof became the latest recipients of Nobel Prize in Medicine!  They received the award for their work detailing how a cell’s tr...