Get to know a CBE

Professional Development with CBE of the Month Bradford Harris

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Please welcome April's Certified BrainPOP Educator of the Month, Bradford Harris, to the blog! Bradford join us as a CBE in early 2015 and continues to inspire us as an educator. Read on to learn abou...
New on BrainPOP Jr.

Quiz Mixer Now Available for BrainPOP Jr.!

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Great news for K-3 educators using My BrainPOP: you too can now customize assessment with the Quiz Mixer! “Mix” your own quiz with BrainPOP Jr.’s existing quiz questions, and/or those submitted by oth...
Get to know a CBE

Formative Assessment with CBE of the Month Nikki Vradenburg

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Please welcome December's Certified BrainPOP Educator of the Month Nikki Vradenburg!  A true BrainPOP power user, Nikki has helped us test and refine our features through feedback from her K-1 and 4-5...
In the mind of a CBE

Thoughts, Tips, and Tricks from Future CBEs

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The BrainPOP Educators team is currently hosting one of our online Certified BrainPOP Educator courses and there have been many lively discussions among the participants. We’ve been so impressed by th...

My BrainPOP Highlights

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Curious about the My BrainPOP features? Find out what's included when students and teachers have their own individual accounts....

Using The Quiz Mixer

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This screencast provides a brief overview of The Quiz Mixer....

Quiz and Quiz Mixer Support Resources

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