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The Diabetic Dog Game: Preparing for Play

Posted by Dana Burnell on

Many of your students will know someone with diabetes.  Have a discussion before and after Diabetic Dog game play, to be sure students connect diabetes to both insulin and diet.  Encourage students ...
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New on GameUp: Lord of the Flies Literacy Game

Posted by cemignano on

GameUp is buzzing with its newest game, Lord of the Flies!  Developed by, this game guides students in exploring the symbolism and themes of William Golding’s novel. The objective of...

Game On: Follow #esinstruct tweet chat tonight at 7:30 ET (4:30 PT)

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Our buddies over at Edsurge are hosting the third #esinstruct tweet chat discussion: "Games and Learning in the Classroom." We, @BrainPOP, will be there, tweeting some cool news about our GameUp col...

What’s YOUR Type? Blood Typing with

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

What's YOUR Type? Blood Typing with