BrainPOP and Single Sign-on

Posted by Lisa Subrizi on

BrainPOP offers single sign-on options for school- and district-wide subscribers, making set-up and onboarding much easier. G Suite for Education Google Marketplace apps are available for both Brain...

Getting Started with Google SSO

Posted by Lisa Subrizi on

Integrate your BrainPOP subscription for single sign-on through G Suite for Education! *Please note: This integration is only available to schools who have activated My BrainPOP. To learn more abou...
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Getting Started w/ Individual Accounts

Posted by cemignano on

My BrainPOP and its individual accounts simplify an educator's ability to keep track of students' work, provide feedback, create custom assessments, and more. Students are able to submit work includin...

Mission US: Cheyenne Odyssey Additional My BrainPOP Features

Posted by SM Bruner on

Have your students signed up for individual logins through My BrainPOP? If so, they’ll be able to take snapshots during Mission US: Cheyenne Odyssey game play! MyBrainPOP is available to BrainPOP Educ...