Classroom Activities: Fast Land Changes

Posted by SM Bruner on

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Fast Land Changes topic on BrainPOP Jr. Storm Tracker Storms can form out at sea and travel to land. But most storms dwindle away and neve...
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Free Access & Extensions for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Traci K. on

While our headquarters may be a thousand miles away, we're with our Texan friends in spirit. We know what you're going through, and we'd like to help just a little bit. BrainPOP is providing compli...

School May Be Closed, But We’re Here – and Free! – For You

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Our thoughts are with all of you affected by Hurricane Sandy - may our return to normalcy be safe and quick. We know how many teachers and students are out of school and house-bound this stormy wee...
hurricane sandy

Severe Flooding as Hurricane Sandy Hits Land

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

It's day 2 of Hurricane Sandy, the storm has hit land and the flooding is severe.  Help explain the natural phenomenon with today's featured movie: Floods on BrainPOP and Fast Land Changes on BrainPOP...
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BrainPOP Helps Explain Hurricanes and Natural Disasters!

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As Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast, people are busy preparing for the epic storm!  Need help explaining to students exactly what's going on out there? BrainPOP is acknowledging the need for ...