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Digital Citizenship: Respect, Protect, Educate

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by Dr. Mike Ribble, Ed.D. @digcitizen The integration of digital technologies in schools is expanding at ever-increasing speeds. As a result, educators are seeki...
In the mind of a CBE

The Beep in Bilingualism

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We'd like to welcome guest-blogger Natalia Rasavong to the blog! Read on to see how Natalia uses both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Español  in a dual language classroom to support content knowledge and langu...
In the mind of a CBE

Student Choice and Differentiation

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Guest blogger and Certified BrainPOP Educator Tina Hackey joins us to share her passion for differentiated learning and student choice. Read on to learn how Tina found her way into education from her ...
My Brainpop

Guest Blogger Nili Bartley on My BrainPOP, Grammar and the Flipped Classroom

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Today's guest blogger, 4th grade teacher Nili Bartley from Hopkinton MA attended our first "Certified BrainPOP Educator"  workshop at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta. Read on to learn about Nili's success using ...
Games and Educational Research

Games and Educational Research: A Match Made in Digital Heaven

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Guest blogger Myra Luna-Lucero, M.A., Ed.M. shares the relationship between games and educational research, and  her experience using GameUp games in that capacity. Myra is a third year doctoral stude...
Summer Slump and Math Games

Avoiding the “Summer Slump” with Math Games

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Today's guest blogger, Derek Lomas, shares research about the dreaded summer slump and ways to support students from losing progress over the summer. Derek is a  learning scientist at Carnegie Mellon ...
Tim, Moby, and Video Games!

What Video Games Can Teach Educators

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Last week, guest blogger Caryn Swark shared her tips and tricks for game design in the classroom. Now, she's taken to her own blog to explore the benefits of video games for educators. With an interes...

Guest Blogger Caryn Swark Shares Tips and Tricks for Game Design in the Classroom

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Most games – card, board, or video – require students to think, solve problems, create, and adapt. But why not go a step beyond playing games and have students actually create games? Game design requi...

When Earthquakes Strike, Think of Moby!

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You never know when something you learned on BrainPOP will come in handy!  5th grade teacher Kathy Roventini recognized this last week when she found herself in the middle of an Earthquake!  She write...

Guest blogger Courtney Vorachek Shares Her Use of BrainPOP Jr.

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Guest blogger Courtney Vorachek shares her use of BrainPOP Jr. while teaching her students about division and meeting the demands of the Common Core. With the pressure of spring tests right around ...