Non-English Speaking Learners

Getting the Most Out of BrainPOP for Non-English Speaking Learners

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Guest blogger Jill Simon Auerbach is a middle and high-school teacher of science and English in a public high-school in a town near to Barcelona in Spain. She holds science degrees from Cornell Univer...
BrainPOP ELL on Android!

BrainPOP ELL on Android: There’s an App for That!

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There’s an app for that! English language learners and teachers can now take Ben and Moby on the go with the newly launched app offering BrainPOP ELL on Android. The latest addition to our suite of m...

ELL and Beyond: BrainPOP around the World!

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TESOL Certified English Teacher Charles McKinney on BrainPOP in His ELL Classroom: Ever since my American friend and former colleague in Beijing, China introduced me to BrainPOP, I have been an avid...

1.1.4 Prepositions of Place Lesson Plan

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In the BrainPOP ELL movie Five Dogs (L1U1L4), Moby is walking dogs in the park. As he tries to keep track of all the different dogs, students are introduced to simple adjectives and prepositions of pl...

BrainPOP ELL Completes Level 3!

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It just keeps getting better! BrainPOP ELL now has 3 complete levels of movies (30 lessons per level) teaching beginning to advanced English language. ELLs learn language usage through the engaging mo...
BrainPOP ELL in the Middle East

BrainPOP Guest Blogger Josh White Shares His Experience Using BrainPOP ELL in the Middle East

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Wondering about using BrainPOP ELL in the Middle East? Joshua Z. White is an Eagle Scout and a graduate of Motlow College in Lynchburg, TN and Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, TN. Right now he...

New Content on BrainPOP ELL

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Have you checked out BrainPOP ELL lately? If so, you may have noticed our new content: Level 3, Unit 4! We are excited to announce the launch of this new unit, which brings BrainPOP ELL up to 80 speci...

Webinar Alert: Everything ELL with Bev Fine

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Wednesday, February 22 4:30PM: Join Bev Fine, BrainPOP ELL’s Editorial and Outreach Director, for a tour of our award-winning English language learning/teaching tool. She’ll show you the ins and ou...
what's new

What’s New?

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What's new on BrainPOP? Whether we're adding new topics to BrainPOP, sharing our favorite educational games on GameUp or a building new levels on BrainPOP ELL, we're hard at work curating and creating...