Classroom, Inc.

3 Reasons Classroom, Inc. Loves Partnering with BrainPOP’s GameUp

Posted by SM Bruner on

It's been a true honor for us at BrainPOP to present Classroom, Inc.'s After the Storm: Day One and The Sports Network 2 on GameUp. Not only are the games of the highest quality and incredibly valuable for teachers and students, but Classroom Inc. has also done an incredible job creating teacher support resources for their games and allowing us to make them available to BrrainPOP users....
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Game-Based Learning Research

Posted by Laura Gatto on

We are committed to learning more about the world of educational gaming.  Here are some of our favorite game-based learning resources from our GameUp partners, thought leaders and organizations we ad...
Flower Power

Flower Power Math Game Play Strategies

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Tell Flower Power math game learners not to grow cheap flowers but to grow the stems and let them pollinate, so they progress quickly to more valuable flowers and fungi. Let them know that they should balance pollination and harvesting and attempt to keep at least six high-value stems growing at the same time....
Games and Graphic Organizers

Using Graphic Organizers with Games

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Some students will prefer to figure out games in their heads, but others may need additional support. When introducing a game to your class, consider offering scratch paper or graphic organizers to help organize students’ thoughts, if they are so inclined, and provide a place for them to think things through as they play. Graphic organizers can also help you observe the mental processes students went through as they played the game. This could be helpful in analyzing their errors and misconceptions to see where else you can help them in future lessons. For a complete collection of graphic organizers made by BrainPOP, please visit BrainPOP Educators....
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Educational Games Resources

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

BrainPOP has put together a list of educational game organizations that can guide you toward bringing game based learning into your classroom. ...