Employee Lounge Math Game

Employee Lounge Math Game Collaborative Learning Tips

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Have students play Lure of the Labyrinth Employee Lounge math game collaboratively in teams or small groups. Ask students to help one another develop strategies for solving the puzzles. Structure the ...
Game Jam at MIT

BrainPOP GameUp Game Jam at MIT

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Boston Area Teachers: GameUp Game Jam at MIT!   Friday, 11 January 2013, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. EST   Join local learning game designers, educational researchers, and fellow teachers...
Using games in learning centers

Using Games in Learning Centers

Posted by SM Bruner on

Using games in learning centers not only helps your students learn; it can help you better assess their learning! GameUp and GameUp Jr. work exceptionally well as work station or learning center activ...
Educational Games

Educational Games: 5 Ways to Structure Game Play

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There are lots of different ways you can have students explore online educational games. Here are five general approaches we can recommend to structure game play: Whole Class Game Play: Project the g...

Setting Cooperative Gaming Expectations

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If you are allowing students to cooperatively play an educational game, make sure you go over expectations for being a good cooperative gaming partner. Explain what it looks like and sounds like to wo...
Educational Games

Setting Up Rules and Expectations for Game Play

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When students are playing a game, they often won't behave exactly the same way they do when they are taking a test or listening to a lecture. Students might be completely engrossed in what they are do...
Pavlov's dog game

Teaching Conditioned Reflexes with the Pavlov’s Dog Game

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Can you train a dog to drool on command? Find out in the Pavlov's Dog game in BrainPOP's GameUp! Show your students the Conditioning movie, then let them explore conditioned reflexes through game p...
solar system

Using BrainPOP’s GameUp to Teach About the Solar System

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In addition the many movie topic pages on the solar system, BrainPOP also has three dynamic games to help students learn about space in a fun and interactive way! Build a Solar System allows studen...

Fractions Lesson Plan: Treefrog Treasure

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In this fractions lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 2-5, students will use BrainPOP resources and an online math game to explore fractions and match and/or compare fractional amounts....
beta testers

Game-Based Learning Using Guts and Bolts

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Superstar BrainPOP Educator Robert Miller provides a game-based learning overview screencast of BrainPOP's popular science and health learning game on body systems called Guts N' Bolts. Robert discuss...