Critical Thinking Through Game Play: Classroom Inc.’s After the Storm

Posted by cemignano on

Join Kathy Burek and Anne Richards for a look at Classroom, Inc.’s After the Storm: Day One, available soon on GameUp. In this literacy game, players take on the role of editor-in-chief at an online m...
Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option

Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option

Posted by SM Bruner on

At the end of the TSN-2 game, students will be able to use the print feature to create a report of their work. Using the TSN-2 Print Report Option allows students either to print and submit these open...

English Games (ELA) and The Sports Network 2!

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BrainPOP is thrilled to introduce a new category of free English Language Arts (ELA) games! When you visit the main GameUp page, you'll now see an "English Games" button which takes you to our growing...