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The reality of school closures

Posted by brainpopstaff on

My kids cheer when there’s a snow day. Of course they do. Snow is awesome when you’re a kid. But they’re actually pretty upset about their district closing to prepare for remote learning. They k...

Using BrainPOP Outside the Classroom:  Linking Parents, Students & Teachers Together

Posted by Jessica Millstone on

Did you know that school-wide subscribers can use BrainPOP outside of school?  Using BrainPOP after school gives all types of BrainPOP users - students, teachers, and parents - the opportunity to exte...
brainpop at home

Holiday Savings for BrainPOP at Home!

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Want BrainPOP at home? Well, Tim and Moby are getting into the holiday spirit! Now through January 15th, save 20 percent when you purchase one of the 12-month Family subscriptions. You’ll have the cha...