Concept Mapping with BrainPOP’s Make-A-Map Tool

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Have you tried Make-a-Map yet? BrainPOP Movie watching becomes interactive with our Make-a-Map tool. Click the "Make-a-Map" button on any topic page and give it a try! The movie appears in the uppe...
What's new on BrainPOP

5 Easy Ways to See What’s New on BrainPOP

Posted by SM Bruner on

Want to know What's New on BrainPOP? Here's a way to find out about our movie of the day, spotlight lessons and movie topics, recent movies/lessons/games we've added, and timely BrainPOP resources tha...
August Spotlights

August Spotlights

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The beginning of August means the beginning of the school year is just around the corner and our Back to School spotlight has just what you need to get your students ready for a successful school year...
Connected Educators Month

Connected Educators Month & Back to School

Posted by Andrew Gardner on

Have you heard about Connected Educators Month? This August, the US department of Education is launching a coordinated effort with many education organizations (including BrainPOP) to provide events a...