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BrainPOP at WISE – World Innovation Summit for Education

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Earlier this month, BrainPOP had the unique opportunity to join an international conversation about creativity and learning at this year’s WISE Summit in Doha, Qatar. Dr. Kari Stubbs, BrainPOP's VP...
My BrainPOP

Guest Blogger Nili Bartley on Assessing Student Understanding With My BrainPOP

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Guest blogger Nili Bartley from Hopkinton, MA is a 4th grade teacher who's embraced My BrainPOP as part of her classroom culture. Read on to learn about Nili's experience using My BrainPOP's features ...

BrainPOP and Assessment

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Originally Recorded September 2014 BrainPOP is more than just movies! We now have a whole host of features to provide you with the assessment data you need. From creating your own quizzes to playfu...
BrainPOP ESL placement test

The BrainPOP ESL Placement Test Is Live!

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Big news for BrainPOP ESL! Our brand new Placement Test is an easy way for you to assess your students’ English language proficiency so they can begin using BrainPOP ESL at a level that is just righ...
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Getting Started With the Mixer

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The Quiz Mixer makes it possible to easily create and remix your own BrainPOP-style quizzes. Check out these support materials so you can begin tailoring assessments to meet your students' needs. Reme...
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Quiz Mixer Step Guide

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This printable will guide you through using The Quiz Mixer™ to create a customized quiz. You will search BrainPOP's questions, modify a BrainPOP question, create your own multiple choice and open en...

Playful Assessment: BrainPOP’s Sortify Game

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Originally Recorded June 2014 Join us as we explore BrainPOP’s Sortify Game. Designed for “playful assessment,” Sortify covers a range of core subjects and is appropriate for lower elementary...

My BrainPOP Overview

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My BrainPOP simplifies teachers’ and students’ ability to keep track of learning! Read below to learn more about it. If you have a 24/7 school-wide subscription, you have access to My BrainPOP....

The SnapThought® Tool: Reflection, Communication and Assessment

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BrainPOP's unique SnapThought® tool is fundamentally changing the game play experience on GameUp for students and teachers. In this article we will explain how optimal use of this tool provides oppo...
Citizen Science

Citizen Science Game Teacher Support Resources

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BrainPOP offers a variety of lesson plans and other teacher support resources to help you use the Citizen Science game and assess what students have learned through game play. This short video provide...