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Games+Learning+Society 12

Our team is gearing up for Games+Learning+Society (GLS), August 16-19 in Madison, WI. Kevin Miklasz (Director of Data & Assessment) will present the just-published white paper he co-authored with Charlotte Duncan and Anne-Marie Hoxie, addressing design considerations in game dashboards for teachers. Kevin will also speak about designing games with assessment in mind, joined by Jodi Asbell-Clarke (TERC), David Gagnon (Field Day Lab/University of Wisconsin-Madison), James Paul Gee (Arizona State University), Elizabeth Huttner-Loan (MIT), Yoon Jeon Kim (MIT), and Michelle Riconscente (Designs for Learning).  Allisyn Levy (VP, GameUp) will serve as a panelist on The Assessment Game: Moving Beyond Traditional Measures, along with Jodi Asbell-Clarke, Barbara Chamberlin (NMSU Learning Games Lab), and Michelle Riconscente. In her second GLS session, Allisyn joins Kathy Yu Burek (Classrom, Inc.), Kara Carpenter (Teachley), Anne Richards (Cracking Wise Interactive), and Christine Zanchi (Curriculum Associates) for Creating Learning Experiences for the Playful Classroom. And, Michael Gi (Play Designer) and Scott Price (Director of Product), along with Brendon Trombley (Institute of Play) host Collaborative Game Development is BEEP!


Michael Gi spoke at the Games in Education Conference that took place August 2 and 3 in Troy, NY. His session offered gaming resources and techniques for incorporating game-based learning in class, including our newest title, the vocabulary game Meaning of Beep. For New York City-area teachers who couldn’t make the trip upstate, BrainPOP supported an EDC-sponsored “satellite conference site” in lower Manhattan, which featured live streams of select conference workshops and relevant in-person workshops, including a look at games and simulations presented by Scott Price. Scott focused on strategies for working different types of simulations into class and what kind of adaptations are most helpful for turning games into a learning experience.

Games for Change

Allisyn Levy, Kevin Miklasz, Scott Price, and Steve Ji (Project Manager/Learning Engineer) represented BrainPOP and presented at the Games for Change conference held in New York in June.