BrainPOP Family Tips Library  

There is no shortage of ways to use BrainPOP at home! Explore the list of themes below with tips for connecting families using BrainPOP movies, games and more. 

BrainPOP JR grades K -3

BrainPOP Grade 3 +

Presidents’ Day (Jr) Presidents’ Day (BP)
Computer Programming (Jr) Computer Programming (BP)
Earth Day (Jr) Earth Day (BP)
Summer Reading (Jr) Summer Reading (BP)
Make Math Real & Fun (BP & Jr) Make Math Real & Fun (BP & Jr)
Body Systems (BP & Jr) Body Systems (BP & Jr)
Writing (BP & Jr) Writing (BP & Jr)
Back to School (Jr)  Back to School (BP)
 Explorers (Jr)  Explorers (BP)
 Government (Jr)  Voting (BP) 
 Conflict Resolution (Jr)  Conflict Resolution (BP)
Civil Rights (Jr) Civil Rights (BP)
 Valentines/Heart (Jr)  Valentines/Heart (BP)
 Nutrition (Jr)  Nutrition (BP)