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Workshop Descriptions

Maximize your BrainPOP subscription to help all students build knowledge, support critical and creative thinking, and assess understanding. Learn how to incorporate BrainPOP content and tools across your curriculum, and equip teachers with the confidence and tools to reach all learners remotely or in the classroom. Note: We strongly recommend scheduling this workshop first, followed by other workshop options below for a deep dive into the key instructional areas of your choice.

Workshop Length: 1 hour overview, 3 or 6 Hours, With Custom Options Available

Discover multiple options for formative and summative assessment, and ways to differentiate those assessments utilizing BrainPOP's content and tools. We'll also explore how to effectively assess understanding and progress through data and digital artifacts students create with BrainPOP's creativity tools.

Workshop Length: 6 Hours + Online Coaching

Gain practical strategies for teaching students with a range of readiness, interests, and learning needs. We’ll explore the various paths teachers can take to reach students with BrainPOP content and tools, and show attendees how to tap into student choice and adapt activities for all types of learners.

Workshop Length: 6 Hours + Online Coaching

Get the inside scoop on BrainPOP ELL! Together we'll explore our WIDA-aligned, 90 lesson scope and sequence through grammar and conversational language. Plus, learn how BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. integrates language support throughout grade-level content, and vocabulary development through the four language-learning modalities: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Workshop Length: 3 or 6 Hours; Custom Options available

Participate in a model lesson anchored to a chosen NGSS performance expectation, and dive into key standards and skills like formulating questions and exploring possible answers via research, collaboration, and model engineering. Then, reflect on how BrainPOP supports student achievement by developing these and other STEM skills.

Workshop Length: 6 Hours + Online Coaching

Discover best practices for integrating coding to your curriculum and join a hands-on forum that models the student experience with BrainPOP’s text- and block-based creative coding tools. No coding experience is needed! We also address assessment practice for coding projects: evaluating process, code, content, and creativity.

Workshop Length:  Available as one half of a 6 hour course; "Integration and Best Practice" in the morning and "Creative Coding" in the afternoon.

Host a BrainPOP “Lead Learner” (an award-winning current or former teacher) and deliver custom training to your teachers and administration. From modeling a class lesson to facilitating faculty meetings or small-group training, your Lead Learner demonstrates best practices in action. This workshop fits in a traditional school day so no need for substitute teachers, extra hours, or PD days.

6 Hour - fully Customized


1 hour webinar $535, 90 minute webinar $800, 3 hour workshop $2055, 6 hour workshop, $3135