Multimedia in Education

This research assesses the use of multimedia in education and discusses how to integrate multimedia in K–12 classrooms.

The use of multimedia instruction can significantly enhance student learning if properly designed and implemented. BrainPOP uses animation, voice, characters, diagrams and more to motivate and engage learners in curricular topics. Read the full research paper — Understanding Multimedia Learning: Integrating Multimedia in the K–12 Classroom.

  • kuio

    Multimedia class room is very much productive as well as the precise issues in every possible manner. in order to find out the best action plan in issuing the possible mannerism in proper manner before mentioned guidelines are the perfect action plan in executing the educational action plan for all. Therefore this is the best action plan for all.

  • jyui

    To bring the color as well as joy to the class room multimedia integrations are the key aspects to all the students. To engage the students in every sections of the educational activities proposed ideal multimedia classroom is the best part in educating the students. Technology now making it easier to disclose the learning process.

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