Encourage students to use these blank Time Zone X cards to create their own game! This printable resource is designed with 4 cards to a page. Students can:

A) Print the page, write/draw on the cards, and cut them apart.

B) Download the page as a PDF and drag/drop images from online sources that are labeled for “re-use with modification” in a Google Image search. (We recommend modeling for students how to cite image sources on their cards.) Most PDF viewer tools will allow the drop/drop feature, but if students encounter difficulty, have them save the PDF as a JPEG image and then add overlays to the image in a tool like PicMonkey, Canva, or even PowerPoint. Once complete, as in the example below, students can print the sheet and cut the cards apart.

Time Zone X exampleThe Create Your Own TimeZone X resource is designed with 4 cards to a page. Here are some different ways students can use them:

Add to the Online Game

Ask students to choose one event they would add to the existing Time Zone X game they’d played, and use a blank card to draw and write about that event. On the back, students can explain where in the timeline the card should be placed and why.

Work Collaboratively to Create a New Game

Divide students into groups of 4-6, giving each student one card. Have the group work together to design a new game of Time Zone X using the same topic(s) they played with online or a different topic tied to your curriculum. After the group has created the game, they can exchange cards with another group and try to place the events in chronological order.

Design a Whole Class Review Game

As students learn about each event in your curriculum through a unit of study, allow volunteers to create a card with a drawing and short description of the event. Display these on the wall of your classroom. At the end of the unit, take down the cards and pass out one to each student (or pair of students) and challenge the class to put the events back in order.

Incorporate Student Interests

Allow students to create an original Time Zone X game on the topic of their choice using 4-10 cards. This can be a great review activity as students think back to the various concepts they’ve learned about. Or, you may want to allow students to choose a topic that is not part of your curriculum and use the game to teach their peers about something they’re interested in. You can place the cards in a center or independent learning station in your classroom for students to revisit and review throughout the school year.