BrainPOP Workshop Outline

Use this outline as a guide for conducting a workshop and introducing BrainPOP to your staff!  From our beloved animated movies to our thoughtful interactive activities, the flexibility of BrainPOP content makes it popular for students and teachers alike.

  • Samantha Stouber

    Printing or sending out these resources is a great tip and tool for staff. It let’s them know in advance what features you are going to cover and allows them to formulate prior questions. What tips or suggestions can you give a newly turn keying colleague?

  • Patti Elfers

    I find these resources very helpful for organizing a PD. When introducing BrainPop or the new content, it is helpful to have something already organized to help you with planning out a session. I think I would like to create a screencast with directions on some of the information and how to use it for those unable to make the session and host it online or save a an MP4 file. Any thoughts on this?

  • Lidia Fuego

    I would like to train my school on how to set up their mybrainpop page. I would like to make it interactive. I am planning to choose an activity that is crosscurriculum oriented so we can all take advantage of it.