Best Practices for Using Mobile Devices in School

Though mobile devices allow for 24/7 access to educational materials,  there are best practices for using them in school.  With more schools adopting BYOD (bring your own device) policy, BrainPOP wants to help you consider best use.

Field trips: What better way to document and record a field trip experience than on a handheld device.  Once you have identified the goals and objectives for the trip, direct your students to photograph and record their observations. When you return to school there are plenty of digital artifacts that help you bring the experience back to the classroom.

Individualized Instruction: Educators want to help students feel successful in their studies, but we all know each individual child learns differently.  Mobile devices allow for total customization of curricular content.  Find the content you want the students to watch, or direct them to explore on their own.

Tweet your thoughts: Using a backchannel service like todaysmeet, a survey tool like poll everywhere, have students tweet  (140 characters or less) the main idea of your lesson at the end of class.  This allows everyone’s voice to be heard equally, encourages building strong summarization skills and allows you to better understand how individual students are understanding or misconceiving the days lesson.

QR code scavenger hunt: You know those little square QR (quick response) codes that you see all over advertisements?  When you scan them (with a QR reader) they usually connect you to a bit of information, like a website, an RSS feed, blog, map, email or even a phone number!  You can create your own QR codes using many services and send your students on a mobile scavenger hunt, finding information about any subject area, and using QR codes to direct them to various information sources!

Put It To Use: Quick Ideas for Our Feature Movie Mobile App!

  • Up to the Minute: Use the Featured Movie to explain and discuss events in the news from natural disasters like the Japanese tsunami to momentous happenings like the World Cup kick-off.
  • Daily Dose: Incorporate the Featured Movie into your daily classroom routines like a morning meeting.
  • Spark: Foster online discussions using the Featured Movie on your blog or web site.
  • Know It?: Use the Featured Movie quiz to see what students already know about a given topic.
  • Apps: Integrate the BrainPOP Featured Movie app with other great apps to make postcards for Moby, create BrainPOP comics, and give Tim’s shirt an extreme make-over based on the day’s topic.
  • Share & Collaborate: Tell us how YOU use the Featured Movie. Share your great ideas, support our professional learning community, and get published on BrainPOP Educators. Get in touch!
  • Check out our Lesson Plans: We’ve got tons of lesson plan ideas. What can you adapt to the mobile platform?
What are your ideas?  Share yours and read others in our community forums, we want to hear from you!