BrainPOP Lessons organized by Topic.

'60s Folk

Learn about 1960s folk and protest music, and musicians like Dylan and Seeger!

Alvin Ailey

Meet Alvin Ailey, an innovator in modern dance, who brought African-American culture to the masses.


You want Architecture? We’ve got Modern, Renaissance, Gothic, Tudor--so how do you like your buildings?


Delta, Memphis, or Chicago, they’re all part of a uniquely American form of music—the blues!

Brass Instruments

Trumpets, tubas, trombones and that guy Miles Davis: They’re beautifully full of hot air!

Clefs and Time Signatures

Take a beat, Daddy-O, and note down some of the basics of musical measures!


Are we on the same wavelength about color? Tim and Moby explain why the grass is green and the sky is blue.

Country Music

Do-si-do through the history of country music, from Patsy Kline to Garth Brooks.


Get a little perspective on the art movement Cubism from Tim, Moby, and Picasso!


Astaire and Rogers have nothing on Tim and Moby: Learn how movement can become art.


“Exit, pursued by a bear!” Learn about drama through the ages—comedy to tragedy, and ancient Greece through Shakespeare.


From doodling around to shading, stipling, and etching—there's nothing sketchy about this movie on drawing!

Elvis Presley

Learn all about Elvis Presley, the singer from Memphis, Tennessee who became the King of Rock n' Roll.


Whether a movie’s a documentary, a short, or by Spielberg, they all need three things: Lights! Camera! Action!

Frida Kahlo

Like to draw self-portraits? Learn about the influential Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

Georgia O'Keeffe

A look at the life and career of the modern artist who brought you flowers, skulls, and beautiful Southwestern skies!

Graphic Design

Where do those images on billboards, posters, and tv come from? Let Tim and Moby teach you about graphic design.

Harlem Renaissance

From Armstrong to Ellington, and Hughes to Hurston, a time of flowering in African-American culture and arts!

Hip-Hop and Rap

Trace the roots of this rich musical genre from its humble beginnings in the Bronx, New York, to its current global status.


Memories, dreams, creativity, perceptions—All part of the world inside your head.


Impressive that all those little painted brushstrokes started such a big artistic movement.

Jacques Cousteau

Plunge into the undersea world of Jacques Cousteau, a pioneering filmmaker and conservationist who revealed the many wonders of the deep!


Bang those tubs, Hepcats! Learn the history and basics of jazz, from syncopation and sax solos to swing and bebop!

Latin Music

Ready for some salsa—hold the chips? How about a little merengue, or a quick tango? Learn about the many styles of Latin Music and the cultures they come from.

Leonardo da Vinci

This movie paints a picture of the original Renaissance man: sculptor, architect, engineer, scientist, painter and mathematician. Leonardo!

Literary Genres

From comedy to mystery to science fiction, stories come in all different types

Louis Armstrong

Meet the trumpet-playing father of jazz, and find out why his nickname was “Satchmo”!

Ludwig Van Beethoven

He struggled with deafness but rose above it as composer of the greatest symphonies in classical music.

Maya Lin

In the early ’80s, the contest to design a new Vietnam Veterans Memorial ended with a surprise winner—a college senior named Maya Lin. Her simple, powerful design faced serious opposition, but ultimately became a game-changer.

Melody and Harmony

See how a simple tune can turn into a masterpiece with melody and harmony!

Michelangelo Buonarroti

“He’s good but he’s no . . . oh wait, he is Michelangelo!” Learn about the master Italian renaissance sculptor, painter, architect and artist.

Musical Scales

Pitch, Octaves, and Harmonies--get the do-re-mi on how music is made!


It started with the cavemen (though they weren’t big on abstracts or acrylics.) Get perspective on one of the world’s oldest art forms.


Tim and Moby snare that rhythm and tell you all about rappin' a percussive beat!


From Daguerreotypes to photojournalism to your school picture (aww!), photography shows us how we live.

Pop Art

Through its use of irony, comics, and Campbell’s soup cans, this 20th-century movement turned the art world on its head.


Become an art detective: Use visual clues to discover all the things you can learn about a person from their portrait.


Trace the roots of Native American powwows, and learn about the dances and regalia.

Reading Music

Not so sharp on finding the beat? We’ll pitch what you need to know about bass, treble, rhythm, and all the do-re-mi!


Explore the Renaissance, when radical change in almost every aspect of society launched Europe out of the Middle Ages and into the Modern Era.

Scale Drawing

Learn to use math to scale a drawing so you can create maps, grids, and even buildings that are perfectly proportional.


It’s a relief to have Tim and Moby hammer down some facts about sculpture, from classical busts to surreal carvings.

String Instruments

From violins and guitars to pianos and hurdy-gurdies, this movie explores stringed instruments that are sure to resonate with everyone!


Dreams, imagination, and the subconscious + World War I, Freud, and Dali. They all add up to create the weird world of Surrealist Art.

The Beatles

Learn all about the Fab Four and their run as one of the most popular rock bands of all time!


Learn how to sing, scat, or yodel like a pro in this movie about vocals!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Demystifying Mozart, the child genius who grew up to change music.


The answer, my friend, is blowing on the woodwind! Find out how clarinets and saxaphones make those sweet soulful sounds.

Yo-Yo Ma

Tune your ears to the story of the world’s most famous classical cellist.

Zaha Hadid

From swooping lines to sharp angles, learn how Zaha Hadid changed modern architecture, proving that her "unbuildable" designs could be built, after all.