Submitted by: Eli Gray

Grade Levels: K-3

In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades K-3, students use BrainPOP Jr. resources to explore why the United States has a President and the role of the President in our government. Students will also learn the requirements for becoming the President, and explore how the President interacts with the three branches of government.

Students will:

  1. Understand why we have a President
  2. Understand the role/job of the President of the United States
  3. Learn the requirements for becoming the President


  • BrainPOP Jr. movie on computer & screen or projector
  • Chart paper
  • Photocopies of handouts (KWL chart & Belly Up)


president; veto; cabinet; candidates


Prepare a KWL chart about the president. Print and copy the BrainPOP KWL chart and Belly Up comic for your students.

Lesson Procedure:

  1. Read the Belly Up comic that goes along with BrainPOP Jr.'s President movie. This can become a shared reading throughout the week with your class, and can be printed so students can practice at home and share with their families.
  2. Start the KWL chart by listing what students already know. Students can take notes on the photocopied KWLs if you like, and can revisit their copies as they add to the chart.
  3. Make a list of what students think is required of someone to become the President. Tell them you'll add/change the list after watching a movie about the President.
  4. Watch the President Movie, pausing to discuss each of Annie's notebook questions.
  5. Revisit the list you made and the KWL chart, and invite students to add to or change it.
  6. Try out the Easy Quiz to check for student understanding. Preview the quiz to make sure it's appropriate for your students, and use the Hard Quiz for differentiation if needed.
  7. Continue to revisit the movie and explore the features that go along with it. There's enough in here to last throughout a week or more!

Extension Activities:

Use the suggested books in the Read About It feature to weave into related lessons. Also, check out BrainPOP Jr.'s Grown Ups Guide for great extension activities in school and at home.
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