Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Solving Word Problems topic on BrainPOP Jr.

More Money, More Problems

Have pairs of students work together to write a word problem that involves money. They may want to write a problem that involves addition, subtraction, or even division. Help them use key words such as “in all” or “left” in their problems to hint at an operation. They should also write the “answer key” to the problem. Then have each pair of students switch problems with another pair and solve. Remind them to follow the steps: understand, plan, solve, and check. If the answer is incorrect, have students solve the problem again using a different strategy or look over their work to find mistakes. You may want to pass out coin manipulatives for students to model the problem and solve.

Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

Remind students that they can draw a picture to solve a word problem. Pose a math problem such as, “Moby has 9 cookies. He eats 4 of them. How many cookies are left?” Solve the problem together by drawing a picture. Then draw a set of cookies and have students write a word problem about it. Encourage them to write a word problem that uses addition, one that uses subtraction, and, if appropriate, one that uses division.

Moby’s Mistake

Review with students that when they solve a word problem, they should always check over their work and make sure they answered the question fully. Prepare a word problem that has been answered by Moby. Make sure the problem has an error in the solution—maybe Moby’s drawing has a mistake or the number sentence contains a mathematical error. Encourage students to spot Moby’s mistake! Then have students follow the four steps for solving a word problem and explain how to arrive at the correct answer.