Grade Levels: K-3

In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 1-3, students use an online interactive game to practice making words with silent E, bossy R, and transformer H.

Lesson Plan Common Core State Standards Alignments

Students will:

  1. Transform words by adding a silent e, bossy r, or transformer h.
  2. Read the words with and without the added letter.
  3. Explain how the silent e, bossy r, and transformer h change the way words are pronounced.


  • Computers with internet access for BrainPOP Jr.
  • Teacher-prepared chart strips or index cards (see directions below)
  • Hat or bag to put the chart strips/index cards in


This lesson plan uses a PBS Kids game called Word Transformer. This a musical game featuring The Electric Company’s animated Music Man character who teaches players how the letters R, H, and "silent" E to can be used to transform words. The game showcases the ‘bossy R’ and the power it has over vowels it is paired with, the ‘transformer h’ that creates digraphs with their unique sounds, and the ‘silent E’ that makes the vowels say their names. Game play is simple: students listen to the word Music Man says and move the featured letter to the word that they want to change.

To prepare for the lesson, preview the movie, its related features, and the game. On strips of chart paper or index cards, write several short vowel words that change when the silent E is added to the end. Make one chart strip or card with just a lowercase "e" on it. Place the words in a hat or bag and keep the silent e card separately.

Lesson Procedure:

  1. Introduce the lesson by inviting student volunteers to grab a chart strip piece out of the hat or bag you have prepared. Have students read the word and then see what happens to the words when you hold up the Silent E card at the end of the word.

  2. Tell students to listen for additional silent e words as you play the Silent E movie. Turn the closed captioning on to facilitate comprehension.

  3. Project the Word Transformer game for the class to see and play it whole class, or allow students to play the game with a partner or independently. You could also play the game with a small group of students while the rest of the class plays it independently (or explores the BrainPOP Jr. features related to the movie).

  4. Review the skills students practiced during the game by projecting the Talk About It activity for the class to see. Record the examples students suggest by typing directly into the page.

  5. After talking with students about how the silent E, bossy R, and transformer H change the way words are pronounced, have students explain the concepts in their own words through journal writing.

  6. Allow students to play the Matching Game from the BrainPOP Jr. Silent E movie and use the Draw About It as an assessment. You can also use either the Easy Quiz or the Hard Quiz to check student understanding.

Extension Activities:

You may want to repeat this activity with the bossy R and transformer H concepts. Add the materials to your reading centers and allow students to create and read the words on their own.