• Chandra Parker

    I absolutely love this. This would be a good way (new to our students) to go over why keeping your information safe is important! Love the way that collaboration between peers is encouraged! The FAQ and other extras enhance this lesson and make it interactive and informative.

    • BrainPOPEducators


  • Laura Ogando

    At the beginning of the year I thought a series of lesson on digital citizenship and we discussed the kind of information we share about ourselves online. Some of the lessons were engaging, but some were kind of boring. I want to do a refresher on this topic midway through the year, but wanted to be able to teach it in a way that makes it more engaging for students. I love that students can use a game to discuss this topic! It’ll definitely get the conversation going and help students see the importance of how and what they share online.

  • Lauren Bernardino

    This lesson is a great way to start discussions about what information is appropriate to share online and which information should remain private. As described knowing what information to share is not always clear. Having students discuss what choices they made in share jumper will aid students in making safe online choices. Additionally after some situations share jumper explains to students why that information should stay private or how to avoid unsafe situations. Also showing and discussing information privacy is a good way to show students common scams and dangers of the internet. The graphic organizer at the end is great tool to have students think about their actions and consequences before they post online.