Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Recycle Race
Begin a recycling drive with your whole school or with other classes. Since bottles and cans can be returned for a deposit, it is a great way to raise funds and instill ecologically conscious habits. Remind your students that the aluminum and glass containers should be cleaned thoroughly before being brought to the drive. See which class recycles the most!

Trash for a Day

Have each student keep all their trash for a day. Whenever they want to throw something out, they should place it in a bag. Have them continue with their day, but still carry their garbage around. This is a great way to show students how much waste they produce in a day. You can add a math connection by weighing each bag at the end of the day and comparing weights. You may want them to use clear zip-top bags so students can see the garbage and discuss what could have been reused, recycled, or reduced. Have them to do the activity again but challenge them to cut their waste in half. What in their trash is biodegradable? What isn’t?