Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Nouns topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Speedy Nouns
Give scraps of paper or index cards to small groups of students or pairs. Challenge them to label as many nouns as possible in the classroom in five minutes. One person can time, while the others label. The student who labels the most nouns in the given time can be the timer in the next round. You can then modify the activity to have students label nouns that begin with a specific letter or label plural nouns.

Nouns, Nouns, and More Nouns

Have reading partners choose a book together. Have them read along and record all the nouns they see in the book. You may wish to give them a chart and have them sort the nouns into people, animals, places, or things. There can be a special section for collecting proper nouns. If they encounter a new word, they can look it up in the dictionary to see if it is a noun.

Noun Mad Libs

Have students write a short paragraph. Then have them erase all the nouns in their stories. Have pairs come together and do Mad Libs with their stories. One student can name nouns blindly while the other plugs them into his or her story. Then have students share their Mad Libs with the whole class. You can also modify the activity by having students choose a short paragraph from a book and then having partners think of nouns to replace.