Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Musical Instruments topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Class Band
Start a band with the whole class! Have students create their own musical instruments. Some children may want to put rubber bands around an empty tissue box to create a stringed instrument. Others may want to make their own drums out of boxes or use unsharpened pencils to tap a rhythm on their desks. Encourage students to be creative. They can rip pieces of paper to a beat or use a stapler to create a rhythm. Some may want to stomp their feet, snap their fingers, or even beatbox!

Sound Experiment

Explore sound and vibrations as a science connection. Place students in small groups and give each group a piece of string. Have one student in each group stretch the string between his or her fingers. Another student can measure the length that is stretched out. Then have another group member pluck the string. What does it sound like? Is it high, low, or something in between? Have students take notes, marking the length and pitch. Then have a student hold the string so that it’s shorter or longer and repeat the activity. How does the length of the string affect the sound? How does the strength of the plucking affect the sound? You may want students to conduct the experiment using different types of string–thick, thin, or something in between–and different materials, such as floss or wire. After the experiment, have students discuss how stringed instruments might work to play notes.