Grade Levels: K-3

Long E Beanbag Toss

Have the class form a circle. Toss a beanbag or small ball to a student as you say aloud a word that includes the long e sound, such as feet. The student who catches the beanbag is to say a long e word that begins with the letter that your word ended with, in this case “t”. That student tosses the beanbag to another student as she says the new word, for example, teeth and so on.

Long E Charades

In this game of charades, students act out words that have long e sound for their classmates to guess. Before class, write down words that have the long e sound, making sure to include ones with different letter patterns, including ee, ea, ei, and y. Fold the words and put them in a bag. Invite a volunteer to select a word from the bag, and then act it out, not using any words. They may indicate, using their fingers, if the word is one or two syllables. The student who guesses correctly first gets to go next.  

Lesson Plan Common Core State Standards Alignments