Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8

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This lesson accompanies the BrainPOP topic George Washington, and supports the standard of recognizing the contributions of the Founding Fathers. Students demonstrate understanding through a variety of projects.


Display an image of a dollar bill:

Ask students:

  • Why do you think George Washington is pictured on the one dollar bill?  
  • Why do you think they call George Washington the “father” of the United States? 


  • Read the description on the George Washington topic page.
  • Play the Movie, pausing to check for understanding. 
  • AssignRelated Reading. Have students read one of the following articles: “Laws and Customs,” “Myths,” or “Trivia.” Partner them with someone who read a different article to share what they learned with each other.

Step 3: APPLY and ASSESS 

Assign George Washington Challenge and Quiz, prompting students to apply essential literacy skills while demonstrating what they learned about this topic.


Students express what they learned about George Washington while practicing essential literacy skills with one or more of the following activities. Differentiate by assigning ones that meet individual student needs.

  • Make-a-Movie: Produce an interview with George Washington about his presidency, and his thoughts about his own legacy. 
  • Make-a-Map: Analyze the events and factors that led Washington to be the first president of the United States. 
  • Creative Coding: Code a flag representing the precedents Washington set for the role of the president of the United States.  

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