Grade Levels: K-3

These family and homeschool activities are designed to complement the Setting topic on BrainPOP Jr.

On the Set

If possible, take your child to see a play or musical. Check your local listings for productions of plays or musicals at community centers, local theaters, area junior high and high schools, or even elementary schools. After the performance, discuss the setting with your child. When and where did the play take place? What clues did your child use to find out about the setting? Why is the setting important to the play? What might have happened if the setting were different?

Puppet Show

Have your child perform a puppet show for friends and family. First help your child pick a story and find puppets or dolls to use as characters. You’re your child write a script under your guidance. How many settings will be in the puppet show? What should the setting look like? Encourage your child to make sketches or create lists to design his or her sets. Then have your child create the sets by decorating cardboard boxes. You can add a curtain to the set by draping a towel or cloth napkin over the boxes.

Setting Memory Game

Create several flash cards with descriptions of settings on one card and the name or picture of a character on another. For example, one card might describe a castle and a pumpkin carriage, while the other card might have a picture and name of Cinderella. Your child can match the setting to the character and then create more cards to add to the game. As your child matches up each pair of cards, ask him or her how she knows that the two go together.