These family and homeschool activities are designed to complement the More Fractions topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Fraction Lunch Munch

Make lunch together with your child. Then divide each lunch item into equal parts. For example, you might want to cut a sandwich into halves, slice an apple into fourths, or pour equal amounts of milk into three glasses. Then, as your child eats or drinks, write a fraction of what is left on the plate. What fraction is left when your child finishes his or her sandwich?

Animal Count

Go on a walk with your child and keep track of all the animals you see. You may want to sort the animals into different groups, such as mammals, birds, and insects, or classify the animals by possible pets and wild animals. Record your observations in a tally chart or have your child draw pictures of what he or she sees. You could also use a digital camera to take photos of the animals. Then use the chart, drawings, or photos to come up with fractions. What was the total number of animals? What fraction of the animals were insects? Mammals? Guide your child to record the numerator and denominator for each fraction on paper or as a caption to the photos after they have been uploaded. Share your results in a photo album or online slideshare.

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