Grade Levels: K-3

These family and homeschool activities are designed to complement the Line Graphs topic on BrainPOP Jr.


Track and record your child’s height over several months or even the course of a year. You can choose to measure once every other week or once a month. Then create a line graph together. Choose the appropriate scale together and plot the points. Look at the graph and notice any patterns. How did your child grow and change over time? To take the activity further, have your child look at the line on the graph and project his or her height in three, six, or even twelve months. Your child can pencil in his or her projection on the graph, and then compare his or her actual height with the height predictions!


Promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage your child to exercise regularly. Brainstorm different activities you and your child can do for exercise, such as jogging, doing jumping jacks, or playing basketball. Then challenge your child to do one form of exercise each day and track how much time he or she spends doing the activity. Have your child record the times on a chart. Then at the end of the month, use the data to create a line graph together. Analyze the graph together and encourage your child to continue adding to the chart and graph each time he or she exercises.

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