Grade Levels: K-3

These family and homeschool activities are designed to complement the Homonyms topic on BrainPOP Jr.


Write a sentence with a homonym error, such as “Yesterday I red a book” or “I don’t no Mr. Rogers.” Then have your child correct the sentence using the correct homonym. You may wish to incorporate other grammatical errors too, such as capitalization or punctuation. Then challenge your child to write a sentence with a homonym error for you to proofread. You may even want to make a “mistake” in your proofreading and have your child correct you.

Harry is Hairy, Mary is Merry

Challenge your child to say a sentence that uses pairs or groups of homonyms. You may wish to model a sentence for your child, such as “I went to the store and bought two apples, too” or “I went there to meet their new puppy.” Have your child come up with different sentences for you to write down. Then switch roles and have your child write sentences that you say out loud.