Grade Levels: K-3

These family and homeschool activities are designed to complement the Clara Barton topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Join the Donation Nation!

Research Red Cross donation centers in your community. Tell your child that you are creating a Red Cross donation from your family, and together identify items you can donate, including toys and books. Explain that these donations go to people who need them. After donating, ask your child who might use their future donation, and how. What would people do if others’ didn’t help out?

From Shyness to Courage

Together with your child, explore ways to overcome shyness as Clara Barton did as a youth. Ask your child to recall a time when he or she felt shy and share moments in your life when you felt the same way. How did you overcome this feeling? Discuss how Clara Barton focused on helping others to break out of her shyness, whether that was caring for her brother, teaching, or bringing first aid to injured soldiers. How can your child break through shy moments by looking to help others?

Community Opportunity

Take to the internet and, together with your child, research volunteer opportunities in your community. These might be seasonal, such as a cleaning up garbage in the neighborhood on Earth Day or need-based, such as volunteering at a soup kitchen. Select which opportunity interests your family, and volunteer for a day or make a longer-term commitment! After volunteering, ask you child what they thought of the experience — what they enjoyed the most, what was most challenging, etc.