Grade Levels: K-3

This page provides information to support educators and families in teaching K-3 students about determination. It is designed to complement the Determination topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Remind students that some things are easier to learn than others. Invite students to share something that was easy for them to learn, such as doing jumping jacks. Then invite them to share something that was difficult to learn, such as riding a bike. How did they feel when they were learning something challenging? Remind students that learning something new can be hard! They might get frustrated, confused, or upset, but that’s OK.

Discuss what we can do when we feel discouraged from trying something difficult. We can take a deep breath or take a break and come back to the task later. We can go on a short walk or do something relaxing, like drawing or reading. Help students understand that even when things are difficult, it’s important to be positive and stay optimistic. Encourage them to train their brain to think differently. For example, if they think “This is too hard,” encourage them instead to think: “This is too hard right now.” Likewise, if they think “I’m not good at this,” they can shift their perspective to: “I’m not good at this yet.” Encourage your students to have a growth mindset.

Explain to students that sometimes people make mistakes, and that’s OK. The important part is for them to learn from their mistakes. Think about what happened. Did they miss anything? How might they do it differently? How might they avoid the same mistake in the future. Remind them that mistakes happen, and that’s a part of doing of learning something new—even you make mistakes! Point out that sometimes people fail, too. Explain that having perseverance and grit will help them learn from their failures and continue working toward their goals. Review with students that stamina is the ability to work hard over a long period of time and that solving problems and overcoming challenges require stamina. Explain that even when we fail we can feel proud of our efforts because trying takes a lot of work!