Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Cynthia Rylant topic on BrainPOP Jr.

When I Was Young…
Read When I was Young in the Mountains together as a class or in reading pairs. Discuss the text with the students. Guide them to notice that each page begins with “When I was young…”. Have students write their own stories, which each sentence beginning with “When I was young…”. Students can illustrate their own stories, or swap stories with a partner and illustrate. Have students read their stories to the class and share. Discuss each story and compare and contrast students’ stories.

Author Trading Cards

Have students pick their favorite author. Then have them go to the library and check out other books by the same author. How are the books alike and different? Who illustrated each book? What is the author like? Have students create trading cards with a picture of their author on the front and a list of facts on the back, such as background information and some of their notable books. Encourage students to share the trading cards and use them when they need to check out a good book from the library.