Grade Levels: K-3

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Adjective and Adverbs topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Adjective and Noun
Give each student an index card or stickie note. Ask half the students to write a noun and the other half to write an adjective. Encourage students to be creative. Remind them that numbers and colors can be adjectives. Then have students walk around the room and pair up nouns and adjectives together. Have them read their words out loud and write a sentence together. The nouns and adjectives might be very silly together! Some students may wish to act out their sentences in front of the class.

“Simon Says” with Adverbs

Play the game “Simon Says” but use adverbs in the commands, such as “Simon says to slowly walk three steps.” You can stop and write the sentences on the board or have a student volunteer to write the sentence on the board. The students that get “out” can call out the commands using adverbs. You may want to have a bank of adverbs available for students to get ideas for their commands. Encourage them to be creative!

Sentence Builders

Write a simple sentence on the board, such as, “I see a bird.” Then have students improve the sentence by adding adjectives and adverbs. You may want students to write their sentences down in their notebooks and share them with the whole class. Discuss each sentence and identify the adverb and adjective. Guide students to understand how adjectives and adverbs bring writing to life!