BrainPOP Announces Launch of English as a Second Language Program,

New Product Offers Innovative Basis for English Language Learning and Teaching

New York, September 8 – BrainPOP, the award-winning creator of animated, curriculum-based online content, announces the launch of BrainPOP ESL ( This new addition to the BrainPOP suite of learning products is designed to teach English to new language learners in a friendly and accessible way. BrainPOP ESL offers content that is lively and entertaining, while providing a comprehensive basis for learning and teaching English.

Each BrainPOP ESL lesson is built around a short, animated vignette, featuring Moby, BrainPOP’s signature orange robot, and his newest friend, Ben. Their playful and humorous interactions introduce students to the sounds and structures of the English language, with each lesson introducing new vocabulary and usage. Eight interactive features support each movie, teaching, reinforcing, and helping to assess student comprehension.

"BrainPOP ESL truly opens a new door to the language learner," says Naomi Prawer Kadar, Ph.D., vice president of BrainPOP ESL and an experienced language educator who shepherded the development of the product. "The program uses humorous situations to help the student feel anchored in the new, and sometimes confusing, world of English. It’s exciting to bring these students a program that is fun, educational, and designed specifically for them. Ben and Moby’s interactions have universal appeal, and invite students to embrace learning the English language."

BrainPOP ESL is a versatile tool for teachers, accommodating small-group learning, full classroom participation, or individual use with supervision. It serves intuitive learners as well as those who need a more cognitive framework. The extensive teacher resources, including lesson plans and group activities, facilitate the integration of BrainPOP ESL into the curriculum.

"The demand for an ESL product has been overwhelming. We’re thrilled to be able to make this innovative product available to today’s students and teachers," says Avraham Kadar, MD, founder and CEO of BrainPOP. "We believe that BrainPOP ESL has the power to change the face of English language teaching in the United States and beyond."

BrainPOP ESL is currently being offered as a beta product and will be accessible free of charge, both to teachers and students during that beta phase. The online product will be updated continuously, and will roll out new content as it is developed.

Traci Kampel
Director of Communications, BrainPOP
212.689.9923, x319

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