Virtual Labs: Bacteria Sampling Lesson Plan

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This lesson plan accompanies Virtual Labs: Bacteria Sampling, and is adaptable for grades 6-12. This interactive lab challenges students to test milk samples for bacterial contamination with various d...
subject pronouns lesson plan

1.1.1 Subject Pronouns Lesson Plan

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In BrainPOP ELL’s first movie, Hi, I’m Ben (L1U1L1), Ben introduces students to his friends using subject pronouns, and the verb to be and its contractions. In this subject pronouns lesson plan, adapt...
Medal of Freedom 2013 winners: Sally Ride, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynn

Curriculum Connections for the 2013 Presidential Medals of Freedom

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Every year, the President of the United States confers Presidential Medals of Freedom on a number of highly accomplished Americans who have had profound effects on society. Yesterday, President Obama ...

TSN-2 and My BrainPOP: SnapThought Prompts

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TSN-2 and My BrainPOP work together! Have your students signed up for My BrainPOP? If so, students will be able to take snapshots during TSN-2 game play with the SnapThought tool! MyBrainPOP is availa...
TSN-2 and My BrainPOP: Teacher's Guide

Online English Game: The Sports Network 2 Teacher’s Guide

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Download this handy PDF from our partner, Classroom Inc., to help students organize their thinking while playing the online English game The Sports Network 2. You can find more ideas for supporting st...
Student Made Video

Lewis and Clark: A Student-Made Video

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Learn about Lewis and Clark in this BrainPOP-inspired student-made video by Robert Miller's 4th & 5th graders from Port Orange, Florida....
Interactive Whiteboard Ideas

Tips for Using BrainPOP with an Interactive Whiteboard

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This list contains over three dozen ideas for using BrainPOP content on your interactive whiteboard. Have more ideas yourself?  Be sure to share in the comments section below!...
Tim and Moby Wallpaper

Moby and Tim in Outer Space Wallpaper

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Moby and Tim in Outer Space Wallpaper is a great way to explore the wide realms of BrainPOP!...

Moby and Ben Fireworks Wallpaper

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Moby and Ben Fireworks Wallpaper will light up any BrainPOP ELL fan's computer screen!...
Artful Thinking Routines

Artful Thinking Routines With the DIA Art Center’s April Lee

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Designed for educators of all disciplines, this webinar focuses on the Artful Thinking Routines - a group of protocols designed by Harvard researchers to help people think deeply about artwork. We’ll ...