English Game

Quandary Ethics and English Game: Opinion Tracker

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Download this PDF to help students organize their thinking while playing the award-winning English game, Quandary....
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Quandary Learning Game

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Visit the Lesson Ideas page to find resources for Quandary, a free online game for reinforcing critical thinking and language arts skills....
teach about the flu

Using BrainPOP to Teach about the Flu

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Need to teach about the Flu? Experts say the flu epidemic is worse this winter than in recent years, and right now, the flu season is at its peak. You can use BrainPOP resources to help your students ...
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Law Craft Game Play Strategies

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Activating Prior Knowledge: Students can play and learn from the Law Craft game without any pre-teaching. However, they may get more out of the game if they have some background knowledge and game pl...
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Branches of Power Assessment Ideas

Posted by Dana Burnell on

This game helps students see how the branches of power are interrelated. Use the following questions to spark discussion on the Branches of Power game as to what students learned about the legislative...
Scientific Illustrations Video

Getting Creative: Scientific Illustrations & Other Projects

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All the way from Shanghai, we welcome Laura Brown, a high school science teacher, for this webinar on scientific illustrations and other creative projects. Find out how she and her students use BrainP...
Ethics and English Game

Quandary: Preparing to Play & Guiding Questions (with ELL Support)

Posted by Dana Burnell on

Before playing this ethics and English game, ask if students are familiar with the word "Quandary"? You may want to start the session by asking: “Do you know what the game’s title means? What is a...

Invasive Species Lesson Plan: The Invasion Game

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In this lesson plan which is adaptable for students in grades 3-12, students will explore the effects of invasive species. They will participate in a game simulation in which they must stop carp (a no...

Main Idea of a Text Lesson Plan: The TSN2 Game

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In this free online reading and writing lesson plan, designed for grade 8 and adaptable for grade 9, students use BrainPOP resources to practice finding and inferring the main idea of a text selection...
Educational Games

Educational Games: 5 Ways to Structure Game Play

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There are lots of different ways you can have students explore online educational games. Here are five general approaches we can recommend to structure game play: Whole Class Game Play: Project the g...