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Executive Command Essential Questions

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How and why are governments established? What are the potential advantages and disadvantages of the checks and balances system? What are the benefits and problems of being in charge of the exec...
Code Fred Human Body and Health Game

Code Fred Human Body Science Game – Essential Questions

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How do living organisms get the energy they need and how do they use it? What are cells in living organisms and how do they help an organism survive? How are the internal systems of o...
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Martin Esterman: Games, Math Fluency and Award Winning Ways

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Martin Esterman, the National STEM Video Game Challenge winner, joins us for a webinar on math fluency and the Common Core State Standards for Math practice. Martin tells us why he’s decided to use ...

Author Studies with BrainPOP Lesson Plan: Choose Your Favorite Writer!

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In this author studies lesson plan, which is adaptable for any grade level, students use BrainPOP resources to explore the life and works of their favorite writer. Students will read two or more books...

Project T.R.I.G. Teaching Strategies

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Encourage students to experiment with the GRID and DATA options using the toggle switch. How does this information help them create more accurate trajectories and score additional points? Guide s...

Invasion Science Game

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Visit the lesson ideas page to find resources for the Invasion, a free online science game that also reinforces social studies and language arts skills....

Bacteria Virtual Lab Lesson Plan: Gram Staining Simulation

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In this lesson plan which is adaptable for grades 6-12, students explore bacteria, pasteurization, and food safety in a virtual lab. Students learn how bacteria can be helpful and harmful to the human...
Free Math Games

Math Snacks: Free Math Games and Animations from NMSU and GameUp!

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Drs. Karen Trujillo and Barbara Chamberlin of New Mexico State University introduce Math Snacks, a collection of free math games and animations designed to address math learning gaps in grades 5-7. Wa...
Quandary Assessment

Quandary Assessment Ideas

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Quandary is a great springboard for discussion, so plan to leave a chunk of time for this at the end of the session. We've provided several assessment ideas in the form of sample questions and areas f...
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Branches of Power Social Studies Game: Tips and Tricks

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Allotting Students Time for Branches of Power: Branches of Power social studies game takes approximately 30-40 minutes to play. NOTE: Once the game officially after 30 minutes, learners will have the...