Welcome Kit

BrainPOP 101
This collection of getting started resources will help you learn about each BrainPOP product and feature.  You can read a list of implementation ideas or print a series of letters you can use to communicate about the subscription to your community.


This is a Map that shows what is learned in BrainPOP's free self guided online courseSelf-Guided Online Course
This 3 unit, self-paced online course will guide you through all the features of a BrainPOP School Subscription.  Unit 1 provides direction for setting up personal My BrainPOP accounts and the features available on a BrainPOP topic page. Unit 2 provides direction for using GameUp and assessing with SnapThought™. Unit 3 provides direction for using “educator only” features like viewing student assessment data and creating customized quizzes using the quiz Mixer™.