TIme Zone 2

Time Zone X, the latest GameUp title developed in-house at BrainPOP, has officially launched! This cross-curricular timeline game currently supports 65 BrainPOP topics, and we’ll be adding it to 25 more in the near future. The plot: on a tour of CERN, Tim and Moby become trapped in “Time Zone X” after Moby pushes a menacing red button. There’s only one way out: players have to rebuild an accurate timeline related to the BrainPOP topic at hand. But it’s not just a matter of remembering dates: students must must call upon their knowledge of history and its themes; cause-and-effect; and context clues to properly place event cards. As they do so correctly, they earn artifacts (Washington’s hippopotamus teeth! Georgia O’Keeffe’s favorite ram skull! Pangaea!) and additional cards. The game ends when all cards have been properly placed, or when too many have been incorrectly placed. A high score and impressive collection of artifacts shows the student has grasped the topic’s themes well.

Time Zone X is playable on computers, tablets, and even phones, so it’s portable and functional in multiple settings. Perfect for playful assessment, it’s also enabled with SnapThought and can provide a class performance summary to teachers with My BrainPOP. As with all GameUp titles, you’ll find a rich lesson ideas page suggesting resources to help you integrate and play the game in class.