2.5.5 - Review: Comparatives and Superlatives

The Best Yearbook

Moby is helping Ben pick pictures for the yearbook. As they look through the photos, they remember funny, memorable, and silly situations.They look at the different categories in the yearbook and wonder who they should vote for this year. Moby is frustrated until he finds a suitable category for himself, too. This is a flashback lesson in which students practice and use the language points they learned throughout this unit.

Grammar Skills:
Comparative Adjectives
Comparative Adverbs
Superlative Adjectives
Superlative Adverbs
Adjectives that end in –ed and -ing
Word Order
Prepositions of Time

2.5.5 Comparatives and Superlatives Review Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan, students review comparatives and superlatives, adjective ending, word order, and prepositions of time, and collaborate on a project to make their own school yearbook. This lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards.  See more »