1.1.3 - Be (Questions)

What is it?

In this lesson, Moby comes to visit Ben, bringing him a surprise. As Ben tries to guess what’s in the box, students are introduced to the interrogative form of the verb to be.

Grammar Skills:
Be: Yes/No Questions
Be: Wh- Questions

1.1.3 Be (Questions) Lesson Plan

In this lesson for the animated ELL/ESL movie "What is it?", K-8 students construct questions using the present affirmative of the verb to be. This lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards.  See more »

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  1. Christalyn Stansell said:

    I am an Information Literacy Specialist (librarian) in Houston, Texas. Our school population is majority Hispanic. I explored BrainpopESL and viewed Lesson 1.1.3 – Be (Questions). This would be a great lesson to implement in the library to support those classes with recent arrivals. I love this Questions lesson for multiple reasons: 1) it’s a complete lesson that could be used as an extension or for reteach on questioning and building vocabulary. 2) The lesson provides you with student goals, materials and links to the video and materials so you don’t have to search. 3) I like the fact that other related movies to the topic are provided with a direct link. 4) The lesson gives a goal for students to stay focused during the video.